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Risk is part of every business, from the pandemic to cyber threats to supply chain disruptions.

Risk is high on the agenda after the pandemic, and the House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning in their Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society report highlighted that the UK was vulnerable to a variety of extreme risks without adequate Government planning.

This has been further accentuated by rising inflation, the cost of living crisis and the fallout of the mini-budget, which has resulted in industrial action which has disrupted services and operations.

The risks facing public sector organisations are real, therefore it vital that your organisation acts now to develop your talent to ensure they have the skills to assess, identify, and mitigate risk to remain resilient in an ever-evolving risk landscape.

Why a career in risk?

Risk is an excellent career path to follow as there are numerous growth opportunities, as well as a variety of different sectors to pursue this rewarding occupation.

Many more career development opportunities are emerging as more companies appoint Chief Risk Officers (CROs) as board members as risk becomes an integral part of the strategic planning process.

The skills and experience you acquire in this fast-growing profession can be transferred across sectors giving you greater flexibility and variety in your career. Moving sectors often increases your earning potential and investment into your professional development.

Employers are increasingly looking for talent with relevant experience or knowledge of risk management to develop their capabilities in this specialist function to help achieve business resilience.

You'll play a key role and contribute to managing the risks to an organisation, its employees, customers, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders.

How can the IRM support you in developing your risk career?

Whether you are looking to transition into the field or are a seasoned professional, the IRM is here to support you throughout your career by providing you with access to:

ERM Icon Distant Learning

Our internationally recognised risk management qualifications are relevant to all sectors, and they give you the broad knowledge and the practical skills you need to manage risks.

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ERM Icon Module Coaches

Our practical and interactive training courses are delivered by renowned industry experts who will guide you through thought-provoking case studies and best practices.

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ERM Icon Student Forum

Meet like-minded professionals from your region, and network with your peers to tackle specific risks in your industry or discipline. Express your interest in joining a public sector group.

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Attend our events to listen and learn from risk practitioners in the field who will share their experiences with you. Our events cover a breadth of topics from cyber to risk in the boardroom. 

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Why the IRM?

The IRM has been developing Risk Professionals for over 30 years and studying with the IRM enables you to:

ERM Earning Potential

Increase your earning potential

ERM Icon International Recognition
Improve your
career prospects

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Gain international

ERM Icon Resource Center
Enhance your technical expertise

What can I study and learn?

Stand out from the crowd and develop the skills to help build, adapt, and implement robust risk frameworks to improve your company's resilience.

Our qualifications and training provide you with the expertise and practical skills to improve your career prospects.

From enterprise risk to supply chain risk and digital risk, our qualifications cover a range of subjects to best meet your needs.


Fundamentals of
Risk Management

Attend the leading employer-led course on the Fundamentals of Risk Management to develop an understanding of how effective risk management can benefit your organisation.


International Certificate in
Enterprise Risk Management 

Improve your risk capabilities and become an IRMCert by gaining the skills and know-how to implement and embed effective risk processes into your organisation.


International Diploma
in Risk Management

Be the next senior risk hire by developing the skills to improve risk decision-making by gaining the expertise to critically appraise real-life case studies from different sectors and countries.

Should I study with the IRM?

There are no formal entry requirements, and our qualifications and training are relevant to all sectors globally. It is recommended that students - studying for our qualifications have some basic understanding of risk management tools and techniques.

Express your interest and a member of our training or student support team will get in touch with you to better understand your needs and onboard you.

ERM Entry Requirements
No formal entry

ERM Global Centers
Access to 5000+
global test centres

ERM Industries
Relevant for
all sectors

ERM Functions
Applicable to all levels
and roles

What do our public sector customers say

Studying for the International Diploma gives you an edge over others as it is a practical qualification that is up-to-date and relevant I really felt that the focus on ERM was very practical to the real world today. Donna Spethman CMIRM, Australian University Sport
My IRM qualifications couldn’t be more relevant. To achieve the certificate, I had to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of risk management and also demonstrate their practical applications. Neil Porteous IRMCert, Gateshead Council
At this point in my career, IRM membership and qualifications have supported me in progressing. It has allowed me to move from a career that was going to be admin based to a career that is dynamic, challenging and opens opportunities in every field and every country. Lettie Pringle IRMCert, NHS Borders
The knowledge and wide-ranging skills and techniques you’ll gain will be invaluable to you, whatever path you take. IRM qualifications are very well recognised by employers worldwide and a key standard for risk managers. Tom Clare CFIRM, Ministry of Defence

How much does it cost?

Product Type Standard Fee Member Fee Low GDP Fee*
Fundamentals of Risk Management (ForM) Training - Virtual £700 + VAT £800+ -
Fundamentals of Risk Management (ForM) Training - Classroom £895 + VAT £995 + VAT -
International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management  Qualifications £2,195 £1,975 £1,865
International Diploma in Risk Management Qualifications -  £3,495 £2,970


Public Sector Risk Resources 

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On the front line
Lettie Pringle, Enterprise Risk Magazine

COVID put unprecedented pressure on the health professionals and risk managers working in the NHS. While there are still huge challenges, risk management has become part of everyday working life at NHS Borders.


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Extended Enterprise Guide
IRM and Sure Cloud

This practitioner's resource examines how we manage risk in today's complex organisations, their value chains and networks of relationships - what many call the extended enterprise.


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